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"All is connected… no one
thing can change by itself."

– Paul Hawken

What We Do

The DRN Foundation supports both the need for more healthcare professionals in the United States and the career progress of pre-licensure healthcare professionals and students who wish to be a part of the US healthcare system through two programs:

  • Special educational and training programs designed to assist individuals with high aptitudes and interests in allied healthcare professions in making entry into a US career as a certified professional
  • Grants/scholarships to assist pre-licensure healthcare professionals and students in paying for required examinations and/or the costs of applying to graduate-level training programs through an organized common application system or service (such as, but not limited to, ERAS (the system used by physicians to seek placement in accredited medical residency and fellowship programs))

We want to minimize barriers which could otherwise prohibit qualified individuals from becoming active members of the US healthcare system.

The DRN Foundation, Inc, is a nonprofit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) private foundation by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Why We Do It — The Problem We Want To Solve

The American Association of Medical Colleges recently published a study in which it predicts that, with the current model of US medical education, the United States will have a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by the year 2030… SERIOUSLY impacting patient care across the nation.

This shortage extends beyond physicians, as well.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, predicts that the United States will need an additional 438,000 Registered Nurses by 2026.

Unless something is done, Americans are facing a profound disruption to the healthcare status quo.

The DRN Foundation wants to be a part of the multi-faceted solution which this problem needs and deserves; and, we have identified two areas where we can make a difference… with your support.

Barriers To Entry – Allied Healthcare Technicians

One solution to ease this crisis is the training of allied healthcare para-professionals – Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, Surgical Assistants, etc – and, fortunately, there are many people who want to be a part of US healthcare.  Unfortunately, however, there are MANY barriers to enter qualified, certification-track training for many of these individuals who are excited to be a part of US healthcare.

To address this issue, through partnerships with our sister organization – DRN Education – and other providers of allied healthcare training, the DRN Foundation provides special education and certification programs for individuals with a high aptitude and interest for working in US healthcare who would otherwise not be able to pursue such training AND would not be able to fill part of this critical shortfall.

Barriers To Completion – Pre-Licensure Healthcare Professionals

Another solution is to assist pre-licensure healthcare professionals who have financial barriers to completing their pre-licensure examinations and pre-licensure graduate training.

For healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, destists, etc, completing the journey to patient care involves more than just matriculation into and graduation from college.  It also includes standardized examinations which are required to become licensed and to practice.  Additionally, several of the healthcare professions utilize a common application system or service through which graduates apply for placement in initial, post-graduation-level training that is required before they can receive professional licensure and can work as an independently-responsible healthcare professional.

All of this costs money — anywhere from $200 to as much as $10,000… a potential barrier to a student who has already invested considerably in their formal education and may have already taken on considerable educational debt.

This is true both for US students and for tens-of-thousand's of internationally trained healthcare professions who want to be a part of US healthcare.

With the looming crisis of not enough healthcare professions to meet the needs of US patients, it is critical that we support these pre-licensure healthcare professionals through the licensure process so that they can take their place in service to US patients.

To support the ability of these individuals to complete their pathway to healthcare practice, the DRN Foundation provides grants and scholarships to individuals who have already demonstrated their ability to be successful on their pathway to underwrite these expenses — required expenses which are generally not provided for by other financial aid programs and which may serve as barriers to their success.


Leadership Team

Board of Directors
Ravi Draksharam MD

Ravi Draksharam, MD

Founder and Chairman

Dr Draksharam has spent the last 20+ years cultivating professional relationships in healthcare education and advising healthcare students and physicians on education and career pathways.

K Kishore Draksharam MD

K Kishore Draksharam, MD, MPH


Dr Draksharam is a veteran of the United States Army and is the founder and president of VCare Texas, a nonprofit organization supporting US military veterans and service members.

Duane P Hill PhD

Duane P Hill, PhD

Managing Director

Dr Hill has worked as an educator and as an education administrator for over 25 years.  He is also a sought-after advisor of both US and international healthcare students.